Shadowverse’s New Expansion “Dawnbreak, Nightedge” Announced by Cygames

Shadowverse’s New Expansion “Dawnbreak, Nightedge” Announced by Cygames

Cygames just revealed the new expansion for Shadowverse, titled "Dawnbreak, Nightedge" which will come at the end of March.

Cygames announced today via press release the new expansion for its popular free to play strategy card game Shadowverse.

The expansion is titled Dawnbreak, Nightedge, and will release at the end of March. This won’t probably surprise many, considering that Cygames has been extremely timely in launching expansions every quarter.

It will come with plenty of new cards, and it will feature “choice” as a theme. The new cards will be revealed through this Month, and some indeed feature the option to choose between different abilities when played, allowing players to adapt their strategy on the fly to each situation.

We’ll also get two cards with free leader skins based on the 1st Birthday Card Popularity Poll, and each player will receive a free legendary card that will be revealed later this month.

Below you can check out a trailer, and the first cards that have been revealed today. If you’re curious about Shadowverse, you can read on how Cygames tests the game with actual paper decks in the real world.

Shadowverse is currently available for iOS, Android, and PC via Steam.