Shady Part of Me Gets a World Premiere at The Games Awards

Shady Part of Me Gets a World Premiere at The Games Awards

Shady Part of Me is an atmospheric puzzler that you can dive into right now.

Shady Part of Me is a new puzzle game published by Focus Home Interactive and it had its very first trailer aired at The Games Awards 2020. The title ties together a world between dream and reality in which a young girl is searching for freedom. Shady Parts of Me also promises to take players on an emotional and dream-like journey, with breathtaking artistic direction.

According to the PlayStation blog, Shady Part of Me is “not directly perceived through the eyes of the little girl you embody, it is a surreal and distorted projection of her mind. Her personality has split into two distinct parts, each evolving in a different perspective through this dreamlike universe. It is by cooperating with these two facets of her own personality that she can finally find freedom.” Similar to Alice in Wonderland, the title revolves around a strange universe that will unravel before the player’s eyes as the environmental storytelling unfolds, swaying between order and chaos.

Throughout Shady Part of Me, the player will have the opportunity to play with light and shadow, allowing them to jump between the little girl and her shadow in a fury of 3D and 2D gameplay. The player will also be able to move around objects in the background, use switches, and use mechanisms to open up new opportunities. Make sure to check out the trailer below that showcases an atmospheric winter puzzler in which I’m excited at the prospect of jumping into.

Shady Parts of Me is available right now on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.