ShahZaM and TenZ React After Sentinels Lose Against G2 at VCT Masters Berlin

G2 came made history by defeating Sentinels with 2-0.

By Shivam Gulati

September 15, 2021

G2 Esports made history by giving Sentinels their first international defeat at VCT Masters Berlin. Immediately after losing with 0-2, ShahZaM and TenZ went to Twitter to react to G2’s win, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

Valorant Champions Tour Master Berlin is still underway, and recently, we’ve witnessed the incredible match between Sentinels and G2 Esports. Sentinels went undefeated at VCT Masters Reykjavík, gaining them the title of Best Valorant team in North America.

Interestingly, Sentinels, in their first matchup against G2 at VCT Stage 3, defeated G2 with 2-1. However, G2 came back strong and made history by defeating Sentinels with 2-0 in their second match.

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Valorant | Episode 3 Act II Kickoff Trailer

Valorant | Episode 3 Act II Kickoff Trailer

Sentinels and G2 Esports started with the ‘Icebox’ map, and shockingly, G2 dominated Sentinels on the attacking side to come victorious with a score of 13-3.

Of course, losing the first map was bad, but Sentinels winning only three rounds was something that we didn’t expect.

After that, both teams competed on Split, and this time, G2 went first on the defensive side. This worked well for G2 as they ended the first round against Sentinels with 8-4. Things got difficult for G2 on the Attacking side, as Sentinels managed to take the lead in the second half. However, G2 pulled through and defeated Sentinels in the second map with a score of 13-11.

ShahZam and TenZ Reacts on Twitter

Interestingly, both ShahZaM and TenZ went on to Twitter after their match with G2. Both players applauded G2 for playing really well; here you go, take a look at their Tweets yourself:

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Obviously, getting their 10-series win streak broken by G2 at VCT Masters Berlin is heartbreaking for Sentinels fans. However, the community is sure that the NA team will come back stronger this Friday.

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