Sharefactory Update 2.50 Out Today; New Features Detailed

Sharefactory Update 2.50 Out Today; New Features Detailed

Today, Sony is releasing a new update — update 2.50 — for Sharefactory that includes user imported content, Clone Clip, editing from the Capture Gallery, plus much more.

According to Sony, the ability to import video and images into Sharefactory has been a hotly-requested feature since launch. Now, thanks to the update, you can import your own videos and images to be used as your custom intro, title and outro clips as well as use your own artwork as stickers, all by using a USB drive.

The new update also adds the Clone Clip feature. This will allow you to easily duplicate any clip being used in your project and retain all of the existing filters, stickers, text as well as the clip duration. In turn, this will enable much quicker editing.

Additionally, the update also allows you to select up to 16 video clips or screenshots from your Capture Gallery and  launch directly into Sharefactory for editing.

Other features in the update include:

  • Added over 30 textures you can use to personalize your text as well as the ability to freely scale your text
  • New Infomercial Sharefactory Theme
  • New Photo Mode collages with support for up to 16 images
  • New Photo Mode Templates
  • New stickers
  • Contextual Help has now been added throughout Sharefactory
  • Updates to the UI