Ex-Ubisoft Massive Developers Form Sharkmob to Work on a Game Based On a "Cult Classic" IP

Former Ubisoft Massive developers who worked on The Division have formed a new studio named Sharkmob and are working with a "cult classic" IP.

Last year, former Ubisoft Massive developers have left and created a brand new indie studio, Sharkmob. Today, in an interview with VentureBeat, the studio has teased its first game, which will be a multiplayer-focused title based on a currently an undisclosed “cult classic IP.”

Sharkmob, which is based out of Malmö, is made up of several developers that worked on The Division, including it’s Game Director, Technical Director, IP Director, and Art Director. It’s unfortunate that they all won’t be working on the game’s recently announced sequel, but they will hopefully fully unveil its upcoming game soon.

For now, we only know what is on the studio’s website and what they told VentureBeat. Sharkmob’s website tells us that the game has a publisher, will likely be multiplatform and rated M, and is being developed in Unreal Engine 4. As we mentioned before Sharkmob CEO Fredrik Rundqvist also told VentureBeat that they are working with a licensed IP that he describes as a “cult classic.” He also went into more detail about why the game will be more multiplayer-focused and why the went with the IP that they did:

“We’re not really interested in making a more traditional single-player type of game. What we play privately, the kind of games we love, are very social, very competitive, always multiplayer. The more the merrier. Of course, in our opinion, the pure mechanics of that are not interesting if you don’t have the right IP, the right setting, the right fantasy to get people really excited about the game mechanics we provide. I guess that also gives you a hint as to what kind of game we’re making.”

DualShockers will be sure to let you know when Sharkmob and its currently undisclosed publisher announce the game they are working on.

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