Shattered Horizon Gets Voice Chat, Re-mastered Audio, and More!

on February 14, 2010 11:45 AM

Futuremark Game Studio’s Shattered Horizon, the First Person Shooter taking place in space 40 years in the future, is being massively upgraded in prelude to its free Moonrise map pack coming soon! The game takes place in creative and fantastic locations, notably hollowed asteroids! It is exciting to see what this Moonrise map pack will bring to players and update being released in response to community feedback will be the ultimate prelude.

Something FPS games benefit from is voice chat. Certainly the 32 person online multiplayer in Shattered Horizon will. Innovations through a total redesign in Shattered Horizon‘s ranking system, loading screens, server browsing and hosting options, as well as team selection and match results screens have been made! Tutorial screens have been added for new players, cosmetic suit upgrades based on rank are now unlock-able, and many bugs have been fixed in the game itself as well as on the server side.

All of these features will bring a better gaming experience but perhaps the most exciting is the added option for melee only servers! For complete list of details on this update visit the Futuremark website.  The game’s soundtrack has also been made available free for download in response to fan requests.  Click here to download Shattered Horizon’s Soundtrack released by Futuremark Games Studio composed by Markus “Captain” Kaarlonen of the band Poets of the Fall.

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