Shattered Throne Now Seated at the Steam Dinner Table along with Launch Trailer

Shattered Throne Now Seated at the Steam Dinner Table along with Launch Trailer

The one man studio of Checkmark Games announced recently that Shattered Throne has been released. The retro-inspired turn-based strategy game is available on Steam for $9.99 USD and there’s a launch trailer to accompany the news.

The story concerns a young prince who is trying to rebuild the fallen Divine Empire. War now ravages the land and new threats emerge from all corners. The dead have risen and are under the employ of necromancers while dryads, angels, and other races enter the fray. Generals from all factions have their reasons for fighting but all of them are united in wanting to be the last one standing.

With three different armies with different tactics and multiple modes of play, Shattered Throne is full of unique ways to experience the game. There’s even a level builder and online pvp battles to keep everything fresh and interesting. Other features include:

  • Choose your general from a variety of characters, each with their own special powers and enhancements
  • Strategy without the random, results are fully deterministic
  • Unlimited undos to find the best method of attack
  • Combo system makes each follow up attack against the same target stronger than the previous
  • Upgrade villages to increase your economy and access special units and effects
  • Battle the AI across a sprawling campaign with unique battles
  • Three unique armies, each with their own distinct play style
  • Units gain experience by defeating enemies, yielding powerful champions and heroes
  • Build your own maps and share them through Steam Workshop
  • Battle others online with asynchronous game play

While the graphics look a little dated by today’s standards, it’s still impressive coming from one person and there’s a certain charm to the aesthetics. Shattered Throne seems to move at a brisk pace and it’s at least a colorful experience. Unfortunately the game is not effected by the massive winter sale going on for Steam, but ten bucks really isn’t that bad for a densely packed strategy game.

The launch trailer is below: