Shawn Layden Discusses PlayStation Now's Place as Game Streaming Gets More Popular

As game streaming get more and more popular, Sony' Shawn Layden highlighted Sony's place in that market with PlayStation Now.

As we enter a digital focused world, game streaming is becoming more popular. Not the kind dominated by Ninja, but the kind services like PlayStation Now, Google’s Project Stream, and Microsoft’s upcoming Project xCloud rely on. In a recent interview with CNet, Shawn Layden not only discussed why Sony pulled out of E3 this year, but also touched on the ever going game streaming market and how Sony is repsonding to it.

On the growing competition these other streaming services bring in, Shawn Layden said that it just shows that the gaming market is “growing dramatically, and it’s growing into a much broader entertainment landscape.” In the end, he thinks more competition will bring “new energy and stimulus and agitation,” to the market.

He was then questioned by CNet about the quality of PlayStation Now. Game streaming, in general, suffers in areas with poor internet connections, which causes lots of problems in games that rely on a quick player response. After saying that game streaming is “definitely a thing,” he highlighted some of the problems that Sony still has to overcome with it.

“The challenge around streaming is that while it may get to a place reasonably quickly that folks who live on top of a good node in SOMA or Seoul or Stockholm can get a good streaming life, if you’re PlayStation and you’re available in 168 countries around the world, streaming will be a thing which will have interest to certain people in certain places,” he said. It seems that Shawn doesn’t believe streaming is something Sony can solely rely on as there is still a lot of demand for non-streaming, physical media.

“For the vast majority of the gaming community, our 94 million PlayStation 4s out there, I think there’s much life left in a local console,” Shawn stated. “If the PlayStation continues to grow at this rate, we can leave no gamer behind.” Despite those statements, he did reiterate the fact that game streaming is a market that “PlayStation is active in and we want to make sure we keep current in that technology.”

It doesn’t seem like Sony will be abandoning PlayStation Now anytime soon, though they may have to deal with higher quality competition going forward. If you want to try PlayStation Now for yourself, you can pick up a 3-month subscription to the service on Amazon. 

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