She and the Light Bearer Gets a Poetic, Fairytale-Esque Demo and Plans to Fully Launch in 2019

She and the Light Bearer Gets a Poetic, Fairytale-Esque Demo and Plans to Fully Launch in 2019

You can get a feeling for the upcoming 2019 title with a playable demo available on PC.

She and the Light Bearer, a game by Mojiken Studio,
Due to launch next year, brimming with mystical audio,
There is a brand new demo, so you can experience it prior,
You play as The Little Firefly, who aims to seek The Mother,
Hidden within the forest, with puzzles and riddles aplenty,

The trailer is below, and a quote from the publishers CEO,
I’ll stop rhyming words now, in case this is all mumbo-jumbo.

Going back to the conventional way of writing a news post,  She and the Light Bearer is an upcoming point-and-click title that was created in 2015 as a prototype and as part of Mojiken Studio’s internal game jam known as Mojiken Camp. This prototype was titled She Who Was Once Lost and created by Brigitta Rena, who also created A Raven Monologue.

She and the Light Bearer finds players in a world with aesthetics borrowed from storybooks and fairytales with a music album to accompany it. The game features hand-drawn art, poetry, dialogue, and a story. The story centers around a Firefly that seeks to find The Mother that is hidden within an unknown forest, but must overcome puzzles and riddles to progress, all while learning about the Devourer.

Game director Brigitta Rena explained her intentions for the title,

“Inspired by fairytales from my childhood, I wanted She and Light Bearer to transmit same feelings of warmth, joy and whimsy to every player, that I felt as a child. When players explore the magical forest full of charming characters and riddles, I hope they lose themselves in this heartwarming adventure.”

Additionally, the founder and CEO of Toge Productions, Kris Antoni described the title,

In She and the Light Bearer art and music are seamlessly orchestrated to create an unforgettable experience. It’s as if paintings and poems come to life. We look forward to everyone jumping in this enchanting interactive fairytale!

The title has also won awards, with 2017 finding it winning Best Kids and Family Game in Indie Prize Asia 2017, and this year it’s won Best Visual Arts in SEA Game Awards 2018 and Excellence in Art category for Busan Indie Connect Festival.

The demo is available to download now on Steam, and She and the Light Bearer is set to launch in Q1 2019 for PC, Mac, and Linux. You can find the trailer below.