She Dreams Elsewhere is Headed to Nintendo Switch

She Dreams Elsewhere is Headed to Nintendo Switch

Set for a 2021 release date, 'She Dreams Elsewhere' is coming to Switch.

Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase from yesterday showed off a lot of new indie games that are coming to the Switch including She Dreams Elsewhere  — a stylish throwback RPG reminiscent of games such as Earthbound and Undertale developed by solo indie developer Studio Zevere.  According to Davionne Gooden, the game’s creator, the port to Switch was a thing that “everyone kept asking for.”

She Dreams Elsewhere is a game set inside the comatose mind of Thalia while she journeys to “defeat the nightmares preventing her from awakening.” Featuring a soundtrack composed by Mimi Page, the game is made to feel like it’s transporting the player into a dream and has been an official selection for events such as the 2019 GDC Showcase, the 2019 Big Festival, the 2019 Game Devs of Color Expo, and the 2020 Pax East Indie Megabooth.

DualShockers’ very own Cameron Hawkins interviewed Davionne Gooden about the game. When asked about its influences, Gooden said:

“Other gaming inspirations include Psychonauts, Kingdom Hearts, OFF, Yume Nikki, Life is Strange, Blank Dream, Space Funeral, Maniac Mansion, the list goes on…but honestly, I take more from other mediums and personal experiences than I do games. Stuff like Atlanta, Bojack Horseman, Seinfeld, Waking Life, Paprika, anything and everything Studio Ghibli, hip-hop (shoutout the homie Tyler, the Creator!), vaporwave, Japanese citypop… again, I could go on for days.”

Check out the full interview for more behind the scenes details on She Dreams Elsewhere.

While set for a 2021 release date for Steam, Xbox, and Switch, She Dreams Elsewhere has been playable at events and conventions all across the country and you can play the demo right now through Studio Zevere’s website.

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