She-Hulk Powers And Abilities You Should Know Before Watching The Series

She-Hulk will release on Disney+.

May 18, 2022

Fans are wondering if the new Marvel superhero, She-Hulk, has similar powers and abilities to Hulk or if she has something new under her sleeves. Well, here’s everything you need to know.

Now that the new She-Hulk trailer is released, waiting for it starts to feel like the watched pot never boils. But we don’t have any other choice but to wait for the series release that is set to air on August 17th, 2022. It becomes even harder to await its release after watching Moon Knight and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. These recent Marvel projects have soared the hopes of the fans, and they want to see more from the studio.


As this will be the first major project for She-Hulk, it will be a completely new character for most fans, except for those who have read Marvel comics. So if you want to know everything about her before the series’ release, then it would be best to start with her powers and abilities.

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She-Hulk Powers And Abilities

Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, first transformed into a superhuman when she had no choice but to go through a blood fusion from Bruce after being shot by a mobster. His gamma-irradiated blood turned her into the female version of Hulk. Some instances from the comics show that She-Hulk might be even stronger than Hulk, but it’s a quite debatable topic.

Just like Hulk, after taking the She-Hulk form, Jennifer is turned into a giant monster with a green body and hair. Her height increases and her body gets bulkier, giving her immense strength. One thing that separates Jennifer and Bruce in their Hulk form is that, unlike Bruce, she is always in her senses. But this cannot be said for her other forms like Savage Gray She-Hulk and Gray Hulk.

Her lifting power is so immense that she can lift 100 tons of weight in her She-Hulk form. As her leg muscles also get bulkier, she can leap to a height of almost 600 feet. It is noticed that Bruce gets slower in his Hulk form, but this is not true for Jennifer. Given her rigid body and high resistance to temperature (-190 F to 3,000 F), she can easily bare attacks from deadly weapons. Jennifer also has control over gamma radiation, using which she can create deadly gamma blasts at will.

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Jennifer is not just deadly in her She-Hulk form but can be a serious threat while being in her human form as well. As Jennifer is trained by Gamora and Captain America, she is acquainted with several martial art forms. Once, she used her acupressure knowledge to numb Abomination by attacking several of his pressure points.

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