Shenmue 3 a Possibility

Shenmue 3 a Possibility


The Shenmue series practically defined the cult hit. Not many people have played it, few have even heard of it, and even less went out and bought it. But to fans of the series, few games can compare. Series creator Yu Suzuki expressed his desire to create Shenmue 3 in an interview at GDC, saying:


“Of course I want to make it,”  He joked that only 200 people might buy the game, and a large sponsor would be nice.

“Sega I think is going to let me make it,I think it is just up to the budget.”

I have always supported the Shenmue games because of the creativity in them and how they strive to create unique experiences. This snippet is taken from a lengthy interview with the famed game maker which you’ll want to check out at the source. Shenmue 3 being released on HD consoles would realize the dreams of quite a few SEGA fanboys, myself included. I also imagine it is prime estate for one of those hot new HD remakes.