Shenmue 3 Will Make its Way to China in Fall 2019

Shenmue 3 Will Make its Way to China in Fall 2019

Ys Net will be releasing the highly anticipated Shenmue 3 in China for PC and PS4 with the help of Chinese publisher Oasis Games.

It’s hard to believe that we are just under eight months away from the release of the highly anticipated Shenmue 3. The game has raised an impressive $7.2 million via crowdfunding and even picked up a publisher in Deep Silver. Today, we learned that Shenmue 3 will be making its way to China next year for both PC and PS4.

The announcement was apparently made by Shenmue mastermind Yu Suzuki during a Chinese gaming showcase today. The PC version of Shenmue 3 will release on WeGame, which is run by Tencent. Meanwhile, the PS4 version of the game will make its way to the PlayStation Store, courtesy of publisher Oasis Games.

Both the Chinese PC and PS4 releases of Shenmue 3 will be localized into Simplified Chinese. Currently, there is no word on whether or not this Simplified Chinese localization will be available as an option in the Japanese and Western releases of the game. While the Chinese versions of Shenmue 3 are tailored to the region, this also means they will be arriving slightly later. Even though the game launches in other regions in August, Shenmue 3 won’t be coming to China until some undisclosed time in Fall 2019.

For those of you who want a refresher before Shenmue 3’s launch next year, Shenmue I & II is currently available on Amazon. After a wait that has seemed like an eternity, Shenmue 3 will finally be available for PC and PS4 on August 27, 2019.

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