Shenmue 3 Has Forklifts; Yu Suzuki Confirms It Won’t Get Delayed Again

Shenmue 3 Has Forklifts; Yu Suzuki Confirms It Won’t Get Delayed Again

Shenmue 3 has a forklift part-time job like in Shenmue 1 along with many new ways to make money.

This week’s Famitsu Magazine included a new screenshot for Shenmue 3, showing our protagonist Ryo in a forklift and confirming fans will be getting Shenmue 1 vibes driving the vehicles for some cargo handling work. A higher resolution of the screenshot was later published by the Shenmue 3 official  Twitter. This week’s Famitsu also included an interview with Yu Suzuki. The details shared in it concerned the food system and the battle system, and it’s mostly information we’ve already covered in March during Yu Suzuki’s conference at Magic 2019. A few new details were shared however, the most important being Yu Suzuki confirming the game is still definitely coming on August 27.

Here are the other new details from the interview:

As we already know from the Magic conference, Ryo will be able to fish in Shenmue 3 by renting fishing equipment, and fishing tournaments are accessible too. Yu Suzuki now revealed the game also has stamp rallies, as in bingo-like sheets that you must complete by catching different types of fish.

In order to properly release Shenmue 3 on the Chinese market without problems, some few changes regarding the in-game arcades were made. Unlike in Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2, Ryo will now first exchange his money for Tags to play the arcade games with. Else, this could be considered as a representation of gambling by Chinese regulations, making the game unreleasable there.

It was previously revealed Shenmue 3 has turtle races. The turtle will be able to be controlled by players to a certain extent. Pressing the right buttons at the right times, like the usual QTEs or a rhythm game, will make the turtle go faster. The woodcutting part-time-job will work similarly as well.

Lastly, Yu Suzuki revealed Ryo and players will have many new ways to make money in Shenmue 3, like gathering medicinal herbs, and that we’ll need to think really well on how to spend it. Which makes sense, seeing that he already revealed shops can sell the same items at different prices, that items can actually be used now, and that feeding Ryo will be really important this time as a way to recover his health.

Shenmue 3 will launch for PS4 and PC on August 27. You can watch the latest trailer here.