Shenmue III Creator Talks Characters, PS4 and PC Versions, DLC, Unreal Engine 4 and Much More

on July 10, 2015 11:12 PM

Shenmue Creator Yu Suzuki held a Q&A Session today on Twitter, providing more information on what we can expect from the game and on the situation of the Kickstarter campaign for the game.

First of all he responded to a question about his biggest concern when developing a game:

He the mentioned where the game will start:

Suzuki-san wants Ryo’s jacket to look more worn out than what we’ve seen so far:

He would like to add multiplayer minigames, but they’re still being considered for the moment:

We’ll see footage of the final version of the game in 2017:

Suzuki-san is still pondering on controller options for PC:

A new trailer is being planned:

Some of the characters that appear in Shenmue are based on members of the team:

Suzuki-san wants to implement the classic quick time events from the series, but also want them to be cooler than in the previous games:

If Suzuki-san could create a spin-off with a different protagonist, it would be Ren:

He then gave more details on the High Ground Battle System stretch goal:

Cel-shading for characters is not being considered:

Suzuki-san explained why he’s interested in Chinese culture:

To a question on why Niao Sun’s breasts are so large (recently she was portrayed in a new piece of concept artwork), Suzuki responded just with her size, which is indeed rather big.

Suzuki-san promised that the character models in Shenmue III will look better than what we saw in Shenmue II:

Post-release DLC are being considered:

Asked whether we could get an arcade machine with Virtua Fighter 3 in the game, he mentioned that it would not fit the time period:

Even if funding doesn’t reach nine millions, there will still be part-time jobs in the game:

Combat moves will be realistic in Shenmue III:

The game will include animals fitting to scenes set in the mountains of China:

Suzuki-san also explained why he selected Unreal Engine 4 for the game:

Lan Di uses the same martial art as Lau Chan from Virtua Fighter, but he’s a very different character:

He was also asked how the PS4 and PC versions will differ from each other:

“The PS4 version will have PS4 quality. The PC version will have PC quality. Both will be good, as we plan to fully utilize the hardware.”

A dating minigame with Nozomi could be possible, but it would require a separate budget:

Susuki-san mentioned what inspired him while creating Shenmue‘s story.

Suzuki-san has not yet decided whether he’ll be at Tokyo Game Show this year:

Masayuki Fukuhara will appear in the game via phone calls:

Nozomi will get angry if Ryo calls her too often:

Suzuki-san also offered more info on the Magic Maze.

If you want to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, you’re still in time. You can pledge here. The game has gathered $4,624,225 in pledges at the moment of this writing.

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