Shenmue III: No, Yu Suzuki Did Not “Tease Xbox One Plans”

Shenmue III: No, Yu Suzuki Did Not “Tease Xbox One Plans”

You have possibly read our recent interview with Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki about Shenmue III. It has come to our  attention that Gamespot reported on it, but unfortunately mistakes have been made.

Gamespot alleged in the headline that Suzuki-san “Teases Xbox One Plans,” and that’s not all. The article includes the following:

“Suzuki also subtly implied the project could eventually come to Xbox One. Asked whether he has been in discussion with Microsoft executives about an Xbox port, Suzuki replied “I’ll let you use your imagination on this one.”

Here’s the original question and answer, directly from my interview:

Giuseppe: Xbox executives talked about Shenmue quite a bit in the past over social media, and that’s why I was quite surprised to see the deal with Sony. I honestly expected to see you appear on Microsoft’s stage at E3. Was there any contact with Microsoft in the past year about making the game for their console?

Yu Suzuki: I’ll let you use your imagination on this one (laughs).

I did not ask about a possible Xbox One port. I simply asked if there have been contacts with Microsoft in the past about making the game for their console. Nothing was asked about a port, and no answer was given. Suzuki-san simply brushed it off with a joke (hence the laugh).

The question was explicitly about past contacts, not about plans or about future ports. The answer was as generic as it could have been, and did not in any shape or form “imply” future plans or ports to come, subtly or otherwise.

Could Shenmue III ever come to the Xbox One? We don’t know, and that’s the whole point. Suzuki-san never mentioned that, because he wasn’t even asked that question.

Personally, I’m all for having as many people as possible playing good games on as many platforms as possible, but there’s a large difference between wishful thinking and spinning both question and answer into something that they simply aren’t.

Full Disclosure: as mentioned in the original interview, the editor in charge of this article and of the interview itself is among the 70,216 gamers who backed Shenmue III, and he’s damn proud of it.