Shin Hisako is the Next Character Coming to Killer Instinct Post Season 3

Shin Hisako is the Next Character Coming to Killer Instinct Post Season 3

While the possibility of a Season 4 for Killer Instinct still remains to be seen, Iron Galaxy continues to add new content to the fighting game. Shin Hisako will join the likes of Kilgore and the newly added Ultimate finishers as the latest offerings to show that the title is far from done.

The fighter is no stranger to so-called ‘clone characters’ with Omen and Shadow Jago being early examples of remixed selections. Both were (eventually in SJ’s case) given their own movesets, strengths, and weaknesses to distinguish them from the originator Jago. Shin Hisako will be no different as she now wields a katana and will have a samurai vibe.

While the original Japanese demon girl had a series of parries that were difficult yet effective to utilize, the Shin version will be more ‘straightforward’ to play with. Her story will also focus on her sword that contains the soul of her father and has helped her purge the evil within. Now she acts as a Guardian of Earth and is ready to take on Gargos and his minions.

While there’s been no word on pricing, it might be close to Kilgore’s $9.99 USD retail price. Since the Killer Instinct world cup is next weekend, we should hear more (and hopefully see more) of Shin Hisako soon. Iron Galaxy designer Adam ‘Keits’ Heart also gave some clues about the final post season 3 character on his twitter:


Will it be a brand new character or maybe another guest character. The name ‘Joanna Dark’ has been floating around for quite some time now. Maybe we’ll find out next weekend at the tournament but until then, here’s a teaser for Shin Hisako: