Shin Hisako Joining Killer Instinct on 'at least by' March 21 for $4.99

More information dropped this weekend at the Killer Instinct cup for the fighter’s newest character. Shin Hisako will be coming out on March 21st for $4.99 for Xbox One and PC. Like that last character, Kilgore, she’s a reskinned combatant with a unique move set. However, she luckily costs half as much as the Fulgore clone did.

An interesting wrinkle with this release date is that the community can push up the datae in Shadow Lords mode. On March 14th a special promotion called ‘Beam Plays Killer Instinct’ will be available from 10am PDT to 5pm PDT. If Gargos is brought down by multiple Shin Hisakos (who will be playable for that day), she will be unlocked a week early.

Iron Galaxy also went over the new fighter’s move set during the cup. Shin Hisako is much more player friendly than the original version. She’s lost the wrath meter and counters that made Hisako much more difficult to figure out and she’s gained a lot of speed.

She now has spirit orbs that you can send out into the battlefield to either shoot durable projectiles (they go through most ranged attacks) or curse your enemies with them. When one of these balls is hovering above your opponent, all her heavy specials will become homing moves that seek them out.

Shin Hisako does have some cons though: Her damage is pretty low compared to the original and she doesn’t have as many command grabs now.

Also unveiled at the Killer Instinct cup were two new gold skin packs for Mira, Sadira and Glacius, Spinal, Kan-Ra and Hisako releasing March 21st and April 11th. Omen will also finally, finally get a color pack to give him some sort of variation that he’s been desperately needing. That will release in the summer.

Unfortunately no clues were given to who the final post season 3 character will be. We only have that one clue that it will a new character, not a clone like Kilgore.

Below you can see Shin Hisako in action against Thunder:

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