Shin Megami Tensei V Beginner Guide, Tips to Survive, Cheat The Game

November 15, 2021

Here are some beginner-friendly strategies and tips to help you out in your Law and Chaos-filled adventures of Shin Megami Tensei V on Switch, let’s take a look at the game difficulty, the exploration, and the battle system.

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Shin Megami Tensei V | Nahobino Trailer

Shin Megami Tensei V | Nahobino Trailer

SMT V tips – Save as much as possible

Save as much as you can. After defeating the Hydra, you’ll be able to teleport at any time to the last save point with the return pillar. Whenever you start running out of MP, go and heal. Before handing over a completed quest and talking to an NPC, go and save. You never know how the quest will turn out. Many end triggering a fight.

Make different saves too in case you wanted to wanted to clear a quest differently and check the other rewards it had.

Shin Megami Tensei V Beginner Guide – Exploration

Whenever you see the companion demon (Amanozako, Pyro Jack, etc) notifying you of treasure, you should always pick it up. Most of the time it’ll be Elemental Gems items that are incredibly useful in battle. You can also end up fighting Mitama enemies, which drop items you can exchange for protagonist EXP, Demon EXP, Glory, or Money. In any case, it’s very rare that you’ll end up on difficult-to-beat enemies, so you should always pick up treasure.

Explore as much as you can and try to find as many Mimans and treasures as you can. More often than not, you’ll end up finding Essences with very useful affinities for an upcoming boss fight.

Money saving tips in SMT V

If you need to heal, after teleporting to the latest Leyline Fount, don’t pay up to heal yet. Instead, go back to where HP and MP orbs usually are. They respawn pretty fast. You can pick them up first so you’ll have less Macca to pay when recovering.

If you’re planning to fuse a demon, don’t heal them either. In fact, you can even fuse demons if they’re dead. So you can go fight with a demon to grind, wait until they run out of MP, and then fuse them.

Don’t sell all of your Relics to Gustave, and instead keep some as a deposit. When you get ambushed in battle, Demons can sometimes ask you to pay up so they let you escape. The amount they ask is proportional to the amount you’re carrying. So avoid carrying a lot of cash. You can just sell Relics right before buying the stuff you need.

SMT V start up guide – Battle system

Once you’re starting to get comfortable with Macca, you should always have some Spyglass, Smoke Balls, Elemental Dampeners and Elemental Shards on you. They’re cheap and are incredibly useful in battle. Shards in particular are incredibly useful to hunt Mitama.

If you talk to a Demon while having that same Demon in your party, alive, they will always leave you alone and it’ll end the battle.

Nearly every boss in SMT V has an Unique Elemental Skill they only trigger after gathering Magatsuhi. So if you see a boss gathering Magatsuhi at the end of their Enemy Phase, that, be sure to use a Dampener of the Skill’s corresponding Element to nullify it. Keep in min you can only have one Dampener active at a time. And if you switch Demons, the newly switched in Demon won’t be protected.

When the boss battle starts, be sure to confirm the boss’ Unique Skill with a Spyglass. You can even take a screenshot of the boss’s stats, get a game over on purpose, and then come back better prepared.

Don’t forget that you can run away with a Smokebomb whenever things get too dicey. They also work on over-levelled powerful enemies found on the map, if you end up getting caught by one of them.

Remember that even if you got an additional Turn, if you miss your attack or it gets Blocked, you will lose 2 Turns. In particular, don’t do any low accuracy Skill that might Miss when you only have two Turns left if you were planning to heal or defend the turn right after.

Unless you’re prepping for a specific boss fight, avoid having your Nahobino with a Weakness on Light or Dark Skills. You’ll definitely get one-shotted and die if those weaknesses get hit.

Keep in mind certain enemies have few elemental weaknesses, but can still be weak to certain Status Ailments. Check them with the Spyglass.

Shin Megami Tensei V is available now on Switch. Be sure to check our other guides if you need some help with the game, they’re spoiler-free and will help you around.

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