Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom’s Soundtrack Now Available Digitally and Physically; Update Released on PC

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom’s Soundtrack Now Available Digitally and Physically; Update Released on PC

You can now purchase and download the soundtrack of Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. The game has also received an update that fixes the camera.

Enigami announced today that they have partnered with international record label Wayô Records to release Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Original Soundtrack in both physical and digital formats. One can purchase the physical CD from Wayô Records’ website, while it is also available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

This isn’t Wayô Records’ first foray into producing physical and digital versions of a game’s soundtrack, as they have done the same for Ni No Kuni and Legend of Legacy.  Wayô Records Producer Jonathan Khersis had the following to say about meeting and working with Shiness’ creator and composer Hazem Hawash:

“A few years ago at Japan Expo (France), I first met Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom creator and composer Hazem Hawash. I was really moved the first time I heard Hazem’s work as it not only worked well with the game’s atmosphere, but also sent me back to my childhood by reminding me of my favorite RPG soundtracks from the SNES and PlayStation eras. My hope is that RPG fans will listen to and appreciate this amazing soundtrack and be reminded of their childhood as well.”

While DualShockers did have very tepid feelings about Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, giving it a 6.0 in our review, we did enjoy the music, commenting that the title “boasts an excellent soundtrack, which was atmospheric at set the right tone for every situation or new area.”

In other Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom news, the developers have also released a patch for the game on PC that adds an auto-lock feature for the camera in battle, which helps combat one of the biggest issues we had with Shiness in our review, its camera. The patch is expected to roll out on consoles by the end of the month. You can read the full patch notes below:

Bug fix (content)

  • [Blocking issue fix] The Cohaya is now usable in the moutain after Mantara City Battle, preventing players from being stuck in the summit.
  • [Blocking issue fix] It’s now not possible anymore to save during the cannons sequence of the Mantara City Battle.
  • [Blocking issue fix] In the quest “Three’s a Crowd”, Vrynn can’t disapear outside the game area anymore, preventing players to be stuck with her.
  • [Blocking issue fix] In the Train Dungeon, players can’t be stuck in combat after the alarm activation.
  • [Blocking issue fix] The side quest “Catch ’em all” can now be finished even if the player hunts Fauns in a different area than the Plain.
  • [Blocking issue fix] The Side quest “Music Maestra!” can now be finished even if the player get the requested item in a different area than the Plain.
  • It’s now impossible to gain exp above level 50 and go back to level 1.
  • The achievement “It’s really going down!” is fixed: money made by selling items is now taken into account.
  • The puzzle to access the secret area Hall of Giants has been removed.
  • Changes to the Meos’ Palace to prevent characters skills from deactivating.
  • Irys’ rumors are now properly updated with side quests.
  • In combat, enemies now always die when falling.
  • Fix of an issue displaying a red HP gauge in combat.
  • Fix of a bug preventing Train Dungeon alarms from activating.
  • Fix of a bug opening several chests in the same time and preventing the access from some specific rewards.
  • In the Mountain, players can’t avoid the fight against Father.
  • Fix of various sound issues.

Bug fix (performances and parameters)

  • Fix of video stuttering with AMD processors.
  • Improvement of the “Show Vegetation” option, now displaying rocks when it is set to OFF.
  • The game now starts with the keyboard/mouse or controller interface depending on what’s used on the Main Screen.
  • In the options, players can now change gauge values faster.


  • Addition of hints in the loading screens.
  • New mentions of the Cohaya of Xaham in various lines.
  • A few elements have been removed in the environments to improve comfort during combats.
  • Bushes now disappear in combat to improve visibility.
  • Items in the fighting area disappear at a longer range.
  • Improvement of the Autolock combat camera mode.
  • Improvement of the Free combat camera mode.
  • The Hyper validation input can’t be interrupted anymore.
  • The Elemental doors now request the same Shi Value for each element.
  • New defeat message when losing during the cannons sequence of the Mantara City Battle.
  • A Bloodor is now displayed on a save where the player has suffered at least one Game Over.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.