Mana Series Artist Teases New Console Game Announcement in the Summer

Mana Series Artist Teases New Console Game Announcement in the Summer

Mana artist and Egglia Director Shinichi Kameoka mentioned that his return to console development will be announced earlier than expected.

Today, during a panel at Bitsummit hosted at the Miyako Messe venue in Kyoto, Brownies Co-Founder Shinichi Kameoka, who many will know as the artist who created the distinctive art style of the Mana series, and for his recent mobile game Egglia: Legend of the Redcap, talked about the future of his studio.

Kameoka-san explained that when he was the head of Brownie Brown, which was a wholly owned subsidiary of Nintendo, he was limited to working on Nintendo consoles. Now that he owns his own company, he can work on whatever he likes. One of the first things he thought he wanted to make was a smartphone game, which is how Egglia was born. Yet, a lot of the people who work at Brownies are very keen to get back into the console scene, and it’s something he’s interested in as well.


He hopes that he might have a nice announcement for the fans about that in the summer.

Kameoka-san already teased his return to consoles before, but he previously mentioned that the reveal would come at the end of the year. Apparently, his plans have been moved up. If you want to know more about Kameoka-san’s work on Egglia and more, you can check out our interview with him from last year.