Shinigami to Shoujo is Coming back on PS Vita (Updated)

The PS Vita is far to be dead for niches in Japan as yet another visual novel, Shinigami to Shoujo, gets announced.

April 9, 2019

Visual novel developing studio Takuyo announced today on Twitter it will port Shinigami to Shoujo to PlayStation Vita this July in Japan. Shinigami to Shoujo is an Otome Game which first released in 2011 on PSP, only in Japan. Update: the game will launch on July 25 for 5800 Yen + Tax.

Shinigami to Shoujo puts players in the shoes of Sayo Toono, a girl who lives with her big brother and novelist Touya. One day, her brother speaks to her about a new novel he is planning, a story in which a beautiful girl meets a lonely grim reaper. Later on, Sayo ends up meeting a man dressed in white who claims to be a grim reaper who lost his memories, a scenario eerily similar to what her brother is writing. The game has multiple developments and endings unfolding depending on the player’s choices.


Shinigami to Shoujo is written by Fujifumi, a scenarist who also handles the Taishou X Alice series. The character design and illustrations are by Sumihei. The game is quite appreciated among fans of the genre, and initial shipments have already stopped for years. As such, unopened copies of the original PSP version are sold for over 12000 Yen, which is over 100 Dollars, on online shops such as Amazon, so this PS Vita port will be great for those who have yet to own it.

Once again, while its shipments stopped, the PS Vita will still stay around for a while in Japan, and it’s still getting more new games, such as the delayed but still coming yuri game Yume Utsutsu Re;master, and the masterpiece in the making Eve Rebirth Terror. Both are visual novels releasing on multiple platforms, Vita included. Some western companies like Limited Run are still planning to release some new titles on Sony’s portable as well.

Iyane Agossah

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