Pokemon Shining Fates – The Best, Rarest and Most Expensive Cards

Pokemon Shining Fates – The Best, Rarest and Most Expensive Cards

Here are the best, rarest and most expensive Shining Fates ca

The most recent Pokemon Trading Card Game expansion has just released to the world. The Shining Fates set contains more than 190 different cards, including 100 Pokemon in their shiny forms. This has made the set incredibly sought after, as fans and collectors alike look to find their favourite shiny Pokemon. Unfortunately, this has also made the set very hard to come by. But whether you’re a collector or are just interested, here’s a very good look at the best, rarest and most expensive cards in the Shining Fates set.

Shining Fates Best Cards

This area is a little subjective. I’ve judged the cards on a few areas here – how good they are in the meta, how good they look and how cool the shiny Pokemon is. This is all my opinion, but hopefully you’ll agree.

5/ Shiny Corviknight

This card is nice. Shiny Corviknight isn’t the brightest or flashiest variation, but its darker hues really fit the theme. Coupled with some decent moves, I like this card.

Shiny CorviKnight Shining Fates Best Cards

4/ Shiny Grimmsnarl

Grimmsnarl is a weird Pokemon. He doesn’t look much like a Pocket Monster but is equally quite cool. His shiny form makes him really stand out and this is a nice looking card!


3/ Shiny Obstagoon

If you want to talk about Pokemon whose shiny forms are vastly different. Look no further than the Galarian Zigzagoon line. Rather than their typical black and white, they sport a vibrant blue and pink colour and look awesome for it.


2/ Shiny Ditto

It’s Ditto but it’s blue. Say no more.

Shiny Ditto Shining Fates Best Cards

1/ Shiny Charizard VMax

It couldn’t be anything else really could it? This card is fantastic – you can definitely expect it to pop up again.


Shining Fates Most Expensive Cards

So, this is just an early indication as the set hasn’t been live for too long but here are Shining Fates’ most expensive cards so far.

6/5/4/ Ditto VMax, Suicune and Lapras VMax

There’s a three-way tie for the opening position on this list and while there are three cards here, it’ll take 2 places on the list. Ditto, Suicune and Lapras cards have all sold for around the £50 mark ($70)

width="660"width="660"Shiny Ditto Shining Fates Best Cards

3/ Skyla Full Art Trainer

The first Non-Pokemon card in this whole list! The Skyla card is very nice looking and it’s no wonder it’s selling for around £90 ($125).

shining fates best cards

2/ Eternatus VMax

We’re now getting close to the big money in number one, but before that, we have Eternatus VMax. This card has sold auctions on eBay for £100 ($140).


1/ Shiny Charizard VMax

You guessed it. This card is already insanely expensive. Auctions are finishing around £400 ($560) -£1000 ($1400) on eBay in the UK, however, one card has already sold for £1900 ($2663) already!!

shining fates best cards

Where can I buy the cards?

Unfortunately, the Shining Fates set seems to be out of stock everywhere – that’s both in the UK and US. Keep your eyes peeled as hopefully The Pokemon Company sorts out a restock soon.

Images: The Pokemon Company.