Shining Resonance PS4 Remaster Rated in Australia Hinting to Western Release

Shining Resonance PS4 Remaster Rated in Australia Hinting to Western Release

Sega appears to be about to localize Shining Resonance Refrain if the Australian Classification Board is to be believed, and it probably is.

Today the Australian Classification Board published a mature rating for Shining Resonance Refrain, the recently announced PS4 remaster of the 2014 PS3 JRPG Shining Resonance. 

The rating was requested by Sega of America, strongly hinting at the intention of releasing the game in the west.

For those unfamiliar with the Australian rating system, the local M rating isn’t equivalent to the similar ESRB classification and recommends the game for teenagers who have reached the age of 15. Shining Resonance Refrain, as most games featuring art by Tony Taka, features mild sexy imagery, but it’s unlikely to be rated M in the United States.

While Sega has not confirmed the news officially, this is certainly a joyous occasion, as the Shining series has gone without a western localization for a long, long time. Producer Makoto Suzuki did mention in an interview on Famitsu that there is a desire to bring the remaster to a worldwide audience, with the ultimate goal of relauncing the series that has been dormant for a few years.

Of course, we’ll keep you advised as soon as Sega makes a formal announcement, but for now, you can enjoy the latest trailera few recent screenshotsthe first trailer, another gallery of screenshots, and an earlier batch of images.

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