Shinji Mikami Teases E3 Announcement on Twitter

Shinji Mikami Teases E3 Announcement on Twitter

The Evil Within 3 or another game signed by Shinji Mikami could be getting a reveal at E3.

The Evil Within fans might be needed to suit up and get ready for E3. Shinji Mikami announced on Twitter a few hours ago that he’ll be heading to E3 2019 “for work”, not as a simple visitor. He could be hinting that some kind of new game related to him will be announced during the event.

Shinji Mikami could be going there for the announcement of a brand new game of his, which should be revealed during the Bethesda conference. The easiest and most probable guess would be The Evil Within 3. The first game launched in 2014 and its sequel was out in 2017, so we could definitely see a new one getting announced at E3. I’d personally love something like a spiritual successor to Viewtiful Joe but that’s definitely not happening.


Many respect Shinji Mikami as the father of 3D survival horror games, though others like Alone in the Dark’s Frédérick Raynal also deserves the same credit. In any case, I’m looking forward to what Shinji Mikami will reveal at E3. We’ll know for sure in a few days.

E3 2019’s press conferences will be starting on June 7, this Saturday.