Shinobi and Fantasy Zone Get the Sega Ages Treatment this Month

Shinobi and Fantasy Zone Get the Sega Ages Treatment this Month

Sega Ages versions of Shinobi and Fantasy Zone with various enhancements for accessibility are coming to Nintendo Switch on January 23.

Last year, Sega began publishing the Sega Ages brand of re-releases on Nintendo Switch. These spruce up a variety of Sega Genesis and arcade classics, from Sonic the Hedgehog to Gain Ground, and typically arrive in pairs every couple months here in the west. The Sega Ages releases of Shinobi and Fantasy Zone were teased during the company’s FES 2019 livestream and came out in Japan last fall. Today, Sega confirmed that they are coming westward later this month.

On January 23, you will be able to play the Sega Ages versions of Shinobi and Fantasy Zone on Nintendo Switch for $7.99 each. That price may seem a little steep for these retro games initially, but they have both been tweaked a bit. In Shinobi’s case, the standout addition is an easier Ages mode that makes the game easier with extra health and damage for Musashi. An added melee button and a new time rewinding feature will also give players more options while playing and definitely ease younger players into this tough game. You can see the Sega Ages version of the game in action in the screenshots below:

While DualShockers’ Iyane Agossah will go head-over-heels for Shinobi, I’ve always had more of a soft spot for Fantasy Zone, which also sees quite a few additions in its Nintendo Switch release. To start, Opa-Opa’s brother Upa-Upa is now playable. A new mode called Coin Stock that makes upgrading easier is present for newcomers, though older fans have just as much to look forward to as well! Extra bosses have been added to the game, as has a Time Attack mode. You can see some screenshots of this new version of Fantasy Zone below:

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what the new additions to both have to offer on January 23. If you’re okay with the original versions of these titles, both Shinobi and Fantasy Zone were also part of the Sega Genesis Mini’s lineup last year, and you can still pick that mini-console up on Amazon.