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Pokemon GO: Can Clauncher and Skrelp be Shiny?

Can you nab yourself a brand new Shiny?

April 13, 2021

Rivals’ Week is here as Pokemon GO weirdly celebrates a range of Pokemon that just don’t like each other.

It’s the latest in the bombardment of events we are currently facing in the game, that has included Charge Up, Searching for Legends and Spring into Spring.

Thankfully, Rivals’ Week looks to have a little more excitement than some of the more recent events as it sees the release of two brand new Pokemon (plus Landorus’ Therian Forme).

With that in mind, let’s answer the question: “Are Shiny Skrelp and Shiny Clauncher in Pokemon GO”

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What does Shiny Clauncher look like?

Clauncher’s usual form is a small blue shrimp with a giant claw and its Shiny form deviates quite nicely from that.

It takes the colour of what you’d expect from a shrimp, turning a nice red. Its shiny form also has blue eyes, blue antenna and half a blue claw.

While its evolution Clawitzer already looks extremely fearsome, its Shiny form makes it more so, again turning from a light blue to a vibrant red.

What does Shiny Skrelp look like?

Shiny Skrelp also deviates quite nicely from its regular form.

The usually brown kelp dragon turns an interesting combination of Purple/Light Blue.

As expected, Skrelp’s evolution Dragalge keeps this nice purple and blue colour palate.

Are Shiny Clauncher and Shiny Skrelp in Pokemon GO?

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Although their Shiny forms are in the game’s data, neither Clauncher nor Skrelp can be Shiny at this point in time.

It’s likely that Niantic will be saving these two Pokemon’s Shiny versions for a later point in the game.

Unfortunately, based off of Niantic’s blog post, it looks like there will be no new Shiny Pokemon released as part of the new Rivals’ Week event.

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