Can You Catch A Shiny Hoopa In Pokemon GO In The Season of Mischief?

By Sam Woods

September 5, 2021

The Mischief Pokemon Hoopa is now starting to make its Pokemon GO debut all around the world.

As part of a Season-long research story, the dual Ghost and Psychic-type Pokemon is appearing for players to capture.

There are a couple of steps that players will need to complete first, but many are wondering whether they’ll need to pray to the RNG gods to try and catch a shiny one.

Here are all the details on whether or not you’ll be able to encounter a Shiny Hoopa in Pokemon GO’s Season of Mischief Research Story.

Pokémon GO: Hoopa summons Pokémon originally discovered in Galar!

Pokémon GO: Hoopa summons Pokémon originally discovered in Galar!

What Does Shiny Hoopa Look Like in Pokemon?

Shiny Hoopa joins many other Mythical Pokemon in undergoing some major changes to its colour palate.

The two Shiny Mythicals that are currently in the game undergo both some pretty big changes with Mew changing from pink to blue and Celebi from green to pink and Hoopa’s changes are on a par with these, if not even more striking.

The Pokemon, which usually sports an array of pinks and purples, changes to a very bright yellowy gold colour!

Image Source: PokemonPets

Is Shiny Hoopa Available in Pokemon GO?

As you’d expect, and as was the case with the aforementioned duo of Mew and Celebi, Shiny Hoopa won’t be available in Pokemon GO straight away.

This is for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it would be unfair of Niantic to leave the chances of encountering a Shiny Mythical Pokemon to a single chance and secondly, they’ll likely hold it back for a much larger event.

Niantic released some major Research Stories for both Shiny Mew and Shiny Celebi and Shiny Hoopa will certainly follow this pattern.

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