How to Get Shiny Incarnate Forme Landorus in Pokemon GO - What Does it Look Like?

Here's how you can nab a shiny Landorus in Pokemon GO.

The Season of Legends is upon us. As March is ushered in around the world, so is Pokemon GO’s second season. Following the Season of Celebration, The Season of Legends arrives and with it, a bunch of changes. The variety of wild Pokemon has been shaken up, so have the raid bosses, and there will be a plethora of events over the coming months. One of the biggest changes is the return of The Forces of Nature Trio — Thundurus, Tornadus and Landorus. Right now, one of the three is available in Pokemon GO – here’s how you can get Shiny Incarnate Forme Landorus in Pokemon GO.

What does Shiny Incarnate Forme Landorus look like in Pokemon GO?

Sadly, there’s not a great deal of difference between Incarnate Forme Landorus’ Shiny and normal versions. The shiny version has a lighter hue on his body and horns, with his tail turning a slightly darker shade of brown. Either way, this is the first time his shiny form has appeared in the game, so he will be high on every shiny hunter’s priority list. But how can you get him?


Raiding is likely going to be the main way players encounter Shiny Incarnate Forme Landorus. He’s appearing in five-star raids until Saturday morning (March 6, 8 am local time), so players only have a few days to encounter him.

It’s recommended you gather a four-player party together to tackle the raids and bring plenty of Ice-type Pokemon with you to exploit Landorus’ 4x weakness. You can read our full raid guide right here.

In terms of encountering his shiny, as always, there is no guarantee. However, with Shiny Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, he should have a vastly increased shiny rate of around 1/20.

GO Battle League

Players also have an opportunity of encountering Shiny Incarnate Forme Landorus within the GO Battle League. Upon reaching level 20, players will be guaranteed an encounter with the Pokemon. While again, it’s not guaranteed to be shiny, it presents another opportunity.

Once reaching level 20, Landorus can still appear in the rewards every time you win enough battles to earn an encounter.

Trading for a Shiny Landorus in Pokemon GO

The third method relies on having a good friend, or some good capital. If you don’t manage to capture one yourself, you can always rely on the generosity of another trainer – just be sure you have something good to offer them in return!

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