Shiny Roserade Pokemon GO Best Moveset – Community Day February 2021

Shiny Roserade Pokemon GO Best Moveset – Community Day February 2021

Shiny Roselia and Roserade take today's Community Day Spotlight.

Sunday, February 7 marks the second Pokemon Go Community Day of 2021. The monthly event sees a new Pokemon highlighted, with increased spawns, an improved shiny rate and an exclusive move. This month, players are treated to none other than the Thorn Pokemon, Roselia. During the event, players can capture and evolve a shiny Roselia to become a Shiny Roserade. How many candies does it take and what is the best Shiny Roserade Pokemon GO Moveset though? Let’s take a look.

How to get Shiny Roserade?

Throughout Community Day, which takes place 11 am-5 pm local time, players have an increased chance of finding a shiny Roselia. There is no guarantee you’ll catch one, but your best bet is to click on every Roselia and use an Incense. Once caught, the flower-like Pokemon can be evolved into a shiny Roserade. To do so, players need 100 Roselia candy, which should be easy, and a Sinnoh Stone. In order to get a Sinnoh Stone, players can complete battles against other trainers and Team GO Rocket Leaders or as a GO Battle League reward.

Like Roselia, Shiny Roserade swaps its red and blue flowers for a more sinister black and purple set.

Shiny Roselia Pokemon GO Best Moveset.

Evolving Roselia into Roserade on Community Day will grant the Pokemon access to a special charged move, Weather Ball (Fire). This is now, theoretically, one of the moves you should employ for Roserade as it gives the Pokemon coverage against Ice-type Pokemon, which are super effective against it. For optimum use, Weather Ball (Fire) should be employed alongside the Bullet Seed fast move and Grass Knot charged move. However, Poison Jab is also an effective fast move and Sludge Bomb could replace Grass Knot.

What’s next for Pokemon GO?

Following today’s Community Day, trainers will have the chance to take part in the Kanto Tour. This ticketed event will allow players to catch all of the Pokemon from the Kanto region and their shiny forms. This includes Shiny Mew. The event will take place towards the end of the month on February 20.