How to Get Shiny Incarnate Forme Tornadus in Pokemon GO - What Does it Look Like?

Here's how you can give yourself the best chance of capturing a shiny Tornadus in Pokemon GO.

For the second time since Pokemon GO launched five years ago now (feel old yet?), the Forces of Nature trio are in raids. Throughout the month of March, and the Season of Legends, Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus will be rotated as raid bosses. This includes their Incarnate Formes as well as, for the first time ever, their Therian Formes. Right now, starting around the world, are Incarnate Forme Tornadus raids. Here’s how you can get a Shiny Incarnate Forme Tornadus in Pokemon GO.

What does Shiny Incarnate Forme Tornadus look like in Pokemon GO?

Unfortunately, like Landorus before it,  there’s not a great deal of difference between Incarnate Forme Tornadus’ Shiny and normal versions. This time out, the shiny version has parts of his body change from a purple colour to more of a blue one. This includes his horns, his tail and the spots on his body.

While this isn’t the most exciting shiny change, it is the first time Tornadus’ shiny form has appeared in Pokemon GO. Palate swap notwithstanding, he will still be one of the more desirable Pokemon in the game. But how can you get him?

Shiny Tornadus Live from r/TheSilphRoad


Tornadus, and his shiny form, joins raids from Saturday, March 6 at 8 am local time and he will be leaving on Thursday, March 11 at 8 am local time. This means players have five days to take part in as many Tornadus raids as possible.

Tornadus is a pure Flying-type Pokemon. This means he has three double weaknesses for trainers to exploit, including Rock and Electric. You can read our full raid guide right here, including all of Incarnate Forme Tornadus’ weakness and best counter Pokemon.

Unfortunately, just raiding Tornadus doesn’t guarantee you a shiny, but it does give you arguably your best shot. Fortunately, with Shiny Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, he should have a vastly increased shiny rate of around 1/20.

GO Battle League

With GO Battle League Season 7 underway, trainers will also have an opportunity of encountering Shiny Incarnate Forme Tornadus by taking part. Upon reaching level 20, players will be guaranteed an encounter with Tornadus, unfortunately though, it’s not guaranteed to be a shiny one.

Once reaching level 20, Tornadus can still appear in the rewards every time you win enough battles to earn an encounter.

Trading for a Shiny Tornadus in Pokemon GO

The third method is more of a case of who you know. If you don’t manage to encounter a Shiny Tornadus yourself, you can always hope that another trainer managed to catch duplicates – just be sure you have something good to offer them in return!

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