Shiren The Wanderer Boss Battles

on January 21, 2010 3:38 PM

On February 9th, gamers will be drawn yet again into the world of Shiren the Wanderer. Atlus has released the newest teaser trailer and this time we get a look at the Boss battles awaiting you. And from what is seen on the video, gamers are going to be in for intense action. Certainly looks like strategy will play a big part in the action. This is what AtlusAram had to say about gameplay:

Last, but certainly not least, and I’m not going to go into any specifics whatsoever here… You’ve got the post-game bosses. Intended for the hardcore following Shiren has gained over the years, you will have to know the game down to its most intricate details, have some of the best and most specific gear, and a flawless strategy to boot. In other words, you better bring your “A” game, or you’ll be lamenting the post-game like our poor testers. To many of you, that is a call to arms, to others, don’t worry, finishing the main game is no minor accomplishment.

Check out the trailer below and Shiren the Wanderer releases on February 9th in all it’s RPG glory.

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