Shiren the Wanderer’s PlayStation Vita Trophies Revealed, Includes a Platinum

Shiren the Wanderer’s PlayStation Vita Trophies Revealed, Includes a Platinum

The trophy list for the upcoming PlayStation Vita game Shiren the Wanderer has appeared thanks to PSN Profiles. There are fifty-five trophies total, split between the platinum, two gold, six silver, and forty-six bronze.

The full title for this game is Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate, and is an enhanced version of the Nintendo DS release from 2008. The DS version was itself a remake of the 1995 SNES game Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer. The game is a subset of the Mystery Dungeon series and includes rogue-like RPG gameplay.

Trophies require the player to fill in both an item and monster book, as well as conquer locations and a bunch of other miscellaneous conditions. You can find the full list below.


  • Wanderer: You unlocked all trophies!


  • True Shiren Fan: You filled every entry in the Item Book.
  • Primordial Chasm Visitor: You have conquered the Primordial Chasm.


  • Tower of Fortune Passport Stamp: You have conquered the Tower of Fortune.
  • Shiren, Monster Professor: You filled every entry in the Monster Book.
  • Inori Cave Tourist: You have conquered Inori Cave.
  • Great Reeva Statue Crushed: You defeated the Great Reeva Statue.
  • Destiny’s Descender: You have conquered Destiny’s Descent.
  • Defeat Gendolucika: You have defeated Gendolucika.


  • You Felt Lucky, Punk: You got the multiplier of a Sweet-Nut monster to 1024x.
  • Warning Valley Voyager: You have conquered Warning Valley.
  • Unlucky: You were defeated by your ally.
  • Unidentified Object: You defeated FO-Uβ with direct attacks.
  • Underground Manor Victor: You’ve beaten all of the Underground Manor!
  • Tomorrow is Another Day: You consumed a Super Unlucky Seed.
  • Talismaniac: You unlocked all talismans in the Item Book.
  • Statue Cave Subduer: You have conquered the Statue Cave.
  • Staff Affection: You unlocked all staves in the Item Book.
  • Shiren Shiren Evolution: You have awakened and become Super Shiren.
  • Shield Stocker: You unlocked all shields in the Item Book.
  • Shatter: You tripped and broke a pot.
  • Reeva Statue Defeated: You beat the Reeva Statue.
  • Pot, Where Art Thou?: You threw a Synthesis Pot with a certain bracelet equipped.
  • Pot Procurer: You unlocked all pots in the Item Book.
  • Pitfall of Life Voyager: You have conquered the Pitfall of Life.
  • Passerby of Gen’s Turf: You have conquered Gen’s Turf.
  • Overstayed Your Welcome: You were returned to the village by a gust.
  • Onigiri Hollow Journeyer: You have conquered Onigiri Hollow.
  • Old Road Traveler: You have conquered Old Road.
  • Night Master: You learned all abilities.
  • Monster HOUUUUUUSE!: You were thrown into a monster house.
  • Mineralogist: You unlocked all rocks in the Item Book.
  • Lost Well Spelunker: You have conquered the Lost Well.
  • Lesson Learned: You threw a weapon or shield at a sleeping Mixer monster.
  • Larcenous Tendencies: You successfully stole an item.
  • Keep Calm and Carry On: You were KOed while you were Level 1.
  • Hunter Pond Traverser: You have conquered Hunter Pond.
  • Heavenly Lake Wayfarer: You have conquered Heavenly Lake.
  • Grilled to Perfection!: You grilled an onigiri.
  • Grazer: You unlocked all grass in the Item Book.
  • Gourmand: You unlocked all onigiri and peaches in the Item Book.
  • Gitan Leverages Everything Around Me: You filled the bank with your Gitan.
  • First Step: You arrived at Nekomaneki Village.
  • First Responder: You successfully rescued someone.
  • Explosion Rocks Conqueror: You’ve beaten all parts of Explosion Rocks!
  • Expired: A peach rotted.
  • Dreams Come True: You gathered all Lucky Cats and had a wish granted.
  • Dice Bag: You collected 3 Dice of Fate.
  • Determined Researcher: You unlocked all scrolls in the Item Book.
  • Demon Hunter: You defeated a Maneater.
  • Caught Red-Handed: You failed a steal attempt.
  • Bizarre Tower Ascender: You have conquered the Bizarre Tower.
  • Arrow Accumulator: You unlocked all arrows in the Item Book.
  • Arms Amasser: You unlocked all weapons in the Item Book.
  • Armband Aggregator: You unlocked all bracelets in the Item Book.