Luminosity Gaming's Shiv Banned From Twitch - Here's Why

ShivFPS feels the ban is undeserved after his hateful Apex Legends rant

By Kyle Knight

April 23, 2021

It looks like Luminosity Gaming’s very own Shiv has been banned from Twitch after a hate-filled rant at another Apex Legends player. We’ve got everything you need to know about the ban right here in this article, including just exactly what was said by Shiv, and how long he’ll be banned from Twitch.

Shiv took to Twitter to announce his ban from Twitch and even provided the full email from what appears to be a member of the Twitch team. You can find the announcement and full email from Twitch below.

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Who Is Shivam ‘ShivFPS’ Patel?

Shivam is a British Twitch streamer and professional Apex Legends. He currently streams for Luminosity Gaming and is a player for soloQgoats.

The professional player has earnt over $20,000 from competing in various Apex Legends tournaments.

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ShivFPS’ Twitch Channel has over 740,000 followers, making him an incredibly popular streamer on the platform.

Shiv Banned From Twitch

According to Shiv and the email he received from a member of the Twitch team, he has received a 7 day ban from the platform for using hateful slurs during his latest broadcast.

If you want to see exactly what Shiv said during his stream, you can check out the Twitch clip right here. Be warned, Shiv says some rather inappropriate words.

According to the professional player, he feels the ban is undeserved as the player he was shouting abuse at was actually a hacker and ruining his game of Apex Legends.

Shiv reportedly plans to appeal the ban, but as of writing, his Twitch account has still yet to actually be suspended, meaning he can’t appeal the ban officially just yet.

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