SHMUP Steredenn: Binary Stars Announced for Nintendo Switch, Trailer Revealed

SHMUP Steredenn: Binary Stars Announced for Nintendo Switch, Trailer Revealed

SHMUP/rogue-like Steredenn: Binary Stars by Pixelnest Studio is making its way to Nintendo Switch, available March 8, 2018.

There is no lack of indie games available for Nintendo Switch, and the train just keeps on rolling. Indie SHMUP Steredenn: Binary Stars is heading to Nintendo’s handheld home console early next month, bringing space-fighting action in a big way.

What is Steredenn: Binary Stars? As mentioned above, the game is a classicly-inspired SHMUP with rogue-like elements packed inside a small, pixelated package. The game is actually an “Ultimate Edition” of Sterdenn — a similar title that has been available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One as early as 2015. However, Steredenn: Binary Stars is boasting being a “hugely expanded version” of the original base content, adding reworks to balancing, scoring, general polish, and vaguely “loads of new content.”

Aside from that, Steredenn: Binary Stars is already an expansive bundle with a lot to offer. Being a rogue-like, the game offers near-infinite replayability thanks to the random generation of levels. On top of that, the game features local co-op where gamers split a life bar as they take on the enemy hordes. Last but not least, the game features Boss RunDaily Run, and Arena modes, offering more than customary playing options.

Besides the unveiling announcement, French developer Pixelnest Studio also released a brand new teaser trailer showing off the gameplay and pixelated art style of Steredenn: Binary Stars. You can check out the trailer below.

Indie ports are all the rage for Nintendo Switch, especially given the (often) overwhelming financial success. With this in mind, it seems like no surprise that Pixelnest is looking to expand into the fledgling console.

Steredenn: Binary Stars is set to launch on Nintendo Switch on March 8, 2018 — it isn’t immediately clear whether older versions of Steredenn will be updated to bring those versions to parity with the Nintendo launch. Of course, players can grab Steredenn on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.