ShockCast Ep. 152 – “A Matter of Perspective”

ShockCast Ep. 152 – “A Matter of Perspective”

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are now both officially launched and in the hands of millions of consumers. With that has come the eventual and expected reports of some consoles not functioning properly, but it’s important to keep a perspective on these things, and that’s just what we aimed to do this week on the ShockCast.

In addition to talking some more about the launch, Jorge shared his experience with Xbox One and its games thus far. We also talked about our impressions of the Uncharted 4 teaser, and shared our opinions as to where we think the how the now-past generation of gaming will progress into its twilight.


This week I was joined by Jorge Jimenez (Staff Writer) and Ryan Meitzler (Staff Writer). Many thanks to El Blanco Niño for our custom intro and outro.

Download the MP3 HERE.