ShockCast Ep. 182 – “Replaying the Classics”

ShockCast Ep. 182 – “Replaying the Classics”

Have you ever gone back to replay an older game and were surprised by how well its held up? How about when you play one and find that the years haven’t been kind to it? This forms the core of the main topic this week as we discuss what it’s like to revisit games from the past and seeing how well (or not so well) they’ve stood the test of time.

We unexpectedly had a second main topic come up when we discussed the potato salad Kickstarter campaign. Some of us see this as a fun, good natured Kickstarter while others see this as an insult to other projects which are more deserving of being funded.

As usual, we break down the week’s newest releases, news and talk about some of the games we’ve been playing.

This week I was joined by my fellow Staff Writers Ryan Meitzler and Jorge Jimenez as well as our (awesome) community manager, Dianna Lora. Thanks as always to Shawn Daley for our custom intro and outro tracks.

Featured image by TheMadSoldier.