ShockCast Ep. 183 - "Video Game Spectators"

By Tony Polanco

July 17, 2014

Video Games are praised for being an interactive media. Unlike movies, books or television, video games allow people to become part of the story or to test their reflexes. Though this is an interactive hobby by nature, lately, more and more people are enjoying others play games. YouTube is filled with “Let’s Play” videos and sites like Twitch and Ustream specifically cater to those who want to watch others play games.

Video games as a passive hobby is the subject of our first featured topic. We discuss why people enjoy to watch others play and why we find the whole thing baffling.

For our second topic, we discuss female protagonists in video games and how they are portrayed nowadays versus how they used to be. This topic was inspired by Marvel’s recent announcement that the person who would wield Thor’s hammer Mjolnir would be a woman. Comic book readers don’t seem to mind female lead characters that much yet the same can’t be said about a lot of video gamers who would rather play as a man. We talk about why (male) gamers have a hard time playing as a female lead and why we need more females in leading roles.

We also discuss some of this week’s featured posts including Joel Taveras’ editorial about Destiny’s Digital Guardian Edition being the best bang for the buck and our reviews for Sniper Elite III, Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma, One Piece: Unlimited World RED and The Wolf Among Us Episode 5. As usual we do a rundown of the week’s game releases, news and what we’ve been playing.

This week I was joined by my fellow staff writers: Thomas LukeRyan Meitzler and Jorge Jimemez. Thanks as always to Shawn Daley for our custom intro and outro tracks.

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