ShockCast Episode 106 – “Does Being Original Matter?”

ShockCast Episode 106 – “Does Being Original Matter?”

Well hello there, you sexy readers and listeners. Welcome to another rousing edition of the ShockCast.

This week’s first main topic we discuss originality in games and whether its something that we need every single time we crack open a new one. We also talk about how some games play it safe by using tried and true formulas and how that doesn’t make them bad games for doing so.

For our second main topic we discuss “Orbis” and “Durango” and whether or not we believe Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are really going after the used games market. The conversations ran a bit long so we skipped the week in news segment but we did manage to go into what we’re playing. Make sure to give this week’s episode a listen!

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DualShockers Staff Members on this Episode:

Al Zamora   @Taz8080

Executive News Editor
Giuseppe Nelva   @abriael

Assistant Community Manager
Megan Smith   @StoleTarts

Chief Technology Officer
David Fenster