ShockCast Episode 109 – “Why All The EA Hate?”

ShockCast Episode 109 – “Why All The EA Hate?”

Yes, we totally went there. For this week’s show we take time to defend the gaming company that people just love to hate. Everyone’s favorite target: Electronic Arts. I’m sure some of you will be upset by this but I really think you should hear us out and listen to the show with an open mind. For our second main topic we discuss the Elder Scrolls Online announcement and why the staff is so excited to finally see this come to light. All of that and the week in news makes this week’s episode another winner. Make sure you give it a listen! 

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DualShockers Staff Members on this episode:

Al Zamora   @Taz8080

Executive News Editor
Giuseppe Nelva   @abriael

Community Manager
Dianna Lora   @GrlpantsGR

Chief Technology Officer
David Fenster