ShockCast Episode 19 – How Microsoft Lost E3 (feat. HipHopGamer)

ShockCast Episode 19 – How Microsoft Lost E3 (feat. HipHopGamer)

width="303"Two week’s ago we gave you ShockCast Episode 18, which was our inaugural Pre E3-Extravaganza Show. We had Torrance Davis from on hand for the festivities. Now that E3 is over and the dust has settled, this week’s show is all about the winners (Nintendo and Sony) as well as the biggest loser – none other than the wannabe new king of casual gaming – Microsoft. Everyone’s favorite Hiphopgamer  comes on to lend a hand as we try to uncover whether Nintendo and Sony were that good, or was Microsofts showing just that bad? Al discusses his love affair of Zipper Interactive, Socom 4 and the Playstation Move. We also touch on our high points and low points of the week, and Hiphop gives us a sneak peak for this week’s upcoming HiphopGamerShow. Here’s a hint: Bungie Studios and HHG are now BFF. Guess you’ll have to listen to the show to find out just how that happened.


***BONUS*** You can download the MP3 file directly from HERE.


Just in case you thought we were joking about the ponchos. Crack all the jokes you want in the comments section, me and Al deserve it.