ShockCast Episode 21 – Real ID… What Was Blizzard Thinking?

on July 9, 2010 12:00 PM

ShockCast Episode 21 – Real ID… What Was Blizzard Thinking?It’s official, by reaching episode 21 the ShockCast is now old enough to drink. To mark that milestone, we’ve stepped up our game this week with 3 main topics. The first comes to us from Blizzard and all of the hoopla surrounding their highly controversial decision for putting the Real ID system into effect, which at the same time killed any anonymity in the Blizzard forums. The second main topic of the week is about PSN plus. The fact that the subscription service is now available for the masses yet still no sign of cross game chat. What gives? The third topic was the official announcement of Bioware’s 2011 RPG, Dragon Age 2. They’ve dropped the origins tag, so what exactly does that mean for the series? These questions and many more answered in the podcast, make sure you listen in to this week’s show!


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