ShockCast Episode 25 – Balancing Family Life and Gaming

ShockCast Episode 25 – Balancing Family Life and Gaming


This week we discuss gaming in our personal lives. How do our significant others feel about our gaming obsession? Do they play games? Like watching? What games do they like? If not, have we tried getting them into gaming and how? How do we balance playing games and spending time with family?

We also touch on peer pressure in gaming. Have we ever stopped playing a game because someone told you it sucked? Not even played a game at all because of it? For example: Lots of people say they hate Call of Duty, yet they buy it and all its overpriced map packs every year. We also discuss if we ever bought a game because it was highly recommended. Do other’s opinions on a game affect our purchases?

It’s a week loaded with questions. There is also some God of War, Halo: Reach and StarCraft II sprinkled in this week’s podcast, as well. Take a listen!

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