ShockCast: Episode 26 – Game of the Year 2016

ShockCast: Episode 26 – Game of the Year 2016

2016 has officially come to a close, and the gang gets together to discuss our favorite games and moments from throughout a great year in gaming.

With 2017 having officially begun, that means 2016 has come to a close – however, there’s tons to discuss when it comes to the great games and experiences that made 2016 a year to remember when it comes to gaming.

In our latest installment, Lou, Giuseppe, Ryan, and Azario gather to discuss 2016’s best games and our personal “Game of the Year” choices from Final Fantasy XV, to Overwatch, and more…but mostly Final Fantasy XV since that was the winner of our year-end GOTY awards.

Aside from that, we also delve in to some of our other favorite games from throughout the year, our favorite surprises, and more from the exceptional games that released throughout 2016.

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