ShockCast: Episode 29 – Resident Evil VII

ShockCast: Episode 29 – Resident Evil VII

In this week's show, we take a closer look at the horrors and thrills from the recent release of Resident Evil VII and our favorite moments from the series.

Welcome to the family…I mean…podcast, son. Resident Evil VII has finally arrived and brought a lot of changes to the iconic horror series – and it happens to be one of the scariest games to come around in quite some time.

In this week’s installment of the ShockCast, it’s a two-man show as Ryan and Azario dive deep into Resident Evil VII – and the series as a whole – to talk about our experiences with the title and what we think so far. Along the way, we also talk about our history with the Resident Evil series, some of the other games we’ve been playing, and look at the upcoming releases to look forward to this month.

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