ShockCast Episode 32 – “Do Successful Franchises NEED to Change?”

on September 24, 2010 1:59 PM

ShockCast PodCast LogoFor this week’s show, we answer one of the biggest questions in gaming. You see, like you we here at DualShockers are big fans of innovation or checking out “the next big thing”. The problem is as gamers it seems that we get caught up into these comfort zones where if a certain franchise takes a chance here or there, we may not be so inclined to buy that title. The question is (just like you read in the title of the post) do these successful franchises NEED to change, but more importantly is that even what the gamers want? We also touch base on the state of indie gaming and where we think it’s headed. In other news, Microsoft denounces Blu-Ray yet again, feels like 2006 all over again. Combine those topics with the week in news and a couple of angry gamer rants and you have yourself the recipe for a great episode. Enjoy the show below!Download the MP3 HERE or you can Subscribe to us oniTunes by clicking HERE.

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Joel Taveras is one of the founding members of DualShockers. He hails from New York City where he lives with his wife and two sons. During his tenure with the site, he's held every position from news writer to community manager to editor in chief. Currently he manages the behind the scenes and day-to-day operations at the publication.