ShockCast: Episode 37 — D23 Happened and We Talk About It

The DualShockers crew gets together to talk about D23, but mostly Kingdom Hearts III!

on July 18, 2017 2:13 PM

What’s up everyone and welcome to episode 37 of the ShockCast, DualShockers‘ official podcast, recorded on July 16, 2017 and hosted by Logan Moore, Azario Lopez, Noah Buttner, and Josh Brant.

This week we talk about a few games that we’ve been playing and they are all surprisingly recent titles. Being right in the middle of convention season, the crew discusses the most recent announcements coming from D23. This includes discussions on Star Wars: Battlefront II, Spider-Man, and Kingdom Hearts III.

Additional games discussed are NieR: Automata, Children of Zodiarcs, Rocket League, Arizona Sunshine, and more.

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