ShockCast: Episode 39 — The Calm Before the Gamescom Storm

ShockCast: Episode 39 — The Calm Before the Gamescom Storm

In the middle of a slow news period, the Shockcast crew discuss what they've been playing lately and what they're looking forward to checking out before Gamescom hits later this month.

In a week where news was rather slow, this week’s ShockCast crew consisting of Logan, Ryan, and Josh talk about what they’ve been playing lately and what they’re looking forward to over the next few weeks.

Ryan talks about the two games that he has recently reviewed for the site — Pyre and Splatoon 2 — and makes his stance known on the current ketchup vs mayonnaise Splatfest. Josh then talks about a handful of games that he has reviewed lately as well before discussing his experience of playing Splatoon 2 with his son. Lastly, Logan brings up some old games from a few years back that he was finally able to go back and check out over the past weekend.

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