ShockCast Episode 40 - "Everyone is Biased... So Quit Your Whining"

We did it! We’ve made is all the way to the big 4 – 0, but does that mean we’ll be slowing down at all? Absolutely not! The main topic for this week’s ShockCast was inspired from the backlash we received for a recent review of ours. Usually when things like this happen, people who disagree with the score you gave it like to throw the word “biased” around like it’s going out of style. We decided to put that magical word under the DualShockers microscope and concluded that…. EVERYONE IS BIASED, and if we (and others like us) weren’t “so biased” the world of gaming news and opinions would be a very boring place be. For our second topic we discuss another aspect of reviews and it’s about journalists actually getting paid off for scores. No, not just big corporations and advertisement deals, we mean cash or gifts in hand to those handling certain reviews. Believe it or not… it’s happening. For our third topic we go into what makes certain players stick to certain genres. All in all another (great and funny) discussion for our 40th episode! Make sure to give it a listen.

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Joel Taveras

Joel Taveras is one of the founding members of DualShockers. He hails from New York City where he lives with his wife and two sons. During his tenure with the site, he's held every position from news writer to community manager to editor in chief. Currently he manages the behind the scenes and day-to-day operations at the publication.

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