ShockCast: Episode 47 — Invasion of the Loot Boxes

This week on the ShockCast, Logan and Tomas talk about Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, the Polish game development scene, and some of the more recent controversial implementations of loot boxes in games.

on October 12, 2017 3:03 PM

While only Logan and Tomas are on Episode 47 of DualShockers’ ShockCast this week, that didn’t stop them from talking quite a bit about one of this past month’s biggest gaming controversies – intrusive loot boxes and microtransactions in AAA games. Specifically, we mainly talk about their implementation in Middle Earth: Shadow of War and Star Wars: Battlefront II, and if we prefer them to Season Passes.

Tomas also talks about a ton of indie games that he played during his recent trip to Poland for Poznan Game Arena and GIC, while Logan delves a bit more into his thoughts on Middle Earth: Shadow of War outside of the aforementioned controversy.

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